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Loss prevention products and software

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  • 3/4 ounce Made in U.S.A Posi-pour one Dozen per package
    $66.00 Choose Options 3/4 ounce Made in U.S.A Posi-pour one Dozen per package
    Looks like a free Pour but you can accuratly measure what you want to dispensequick and easy great for those recipes, accurate and easy to clean and use and Pour

    We have mutipule types of Age Verication, devices and Software Give us a call so we can help you find the one that is right for your needs. 877-466-4317

Feature Rich, Patented Technology such as Code’s  Anti-Glare function increases first pass read rates to  keep the checkout lines moving when presented
    $1,411.70 Code 3600 Palm Reader, With blue tooth option
    Type a description fThe brisk pace of retail operations demands a reliable, powerful barcode reading solution that can virtually do it all. The CR3600 is that solution. Its advanced performance enables users to effectively...

  • Reads  barcoded identification cards 
Alerts user if patron is underage
Customizable data parsing 
Programmable, color display screen 
Vibration feedback for noisy environments
Does not require a PC or manual data management 
No monthly software fees
Reads barcodes from mobile device screens
Durable, quick-release rechargeable battery cartridges 
Multiple programmable buttons for customized work flow processes
Free CR3600 SDK for Age Verification customization 
Available in palm and handled configurations
    $1,312.90 CR3600 Age Verification Solution Price includes DL Software
    CR3600 Age Verification Solution To protect businesses from age verification infractions, Code has designed the CR3600, an easy-to-use age verification solution that combines reliable 2D barcode reading with advanced data...

  • Draft Manger Live 1st year  subscription. manage your draft beer in real-time.( Standard Draft Manager also available) See what is being poured in real time. Know instantly how much over pouring is taking place by brand, Which items have yet to be registered, 
discrepancy report can be generated to show open checks
    $499.95 Draft Manager Live (1st Year subscription )
    Draft Manager Live Software.Live   Draft manager Live is a unique system that tracks the draft beer served each time you pull a beer tap, recording the time, the dispensing station, the brand and the quantity served...

  • Elevated Binary Spout
    $19.85 Elevated Binary Spout
    Elevated pourer for Wide Mouth bottles ie:1800 PatronElevated binary pourer used for odd sized bottles. For example: Patron 1800 helps prevent leaking when pouring.

  • Heat Gun
    $37.00 $29.95 Choose Options Heat Gun
    1500 Watt Heat Gun for use with shrink SealsDuel setting 1500 watt heat gun

  • Heat Shrink Seals 10 Rolls
    $95.50 Heat Shrink Seals 10 Rolls
    Tamper Resistant seal placed over pour spout to prevent unauthorized poursShrink seal shrinks to conform air tight fit to form of bottle to prevent any unauthorized pours. Helps prevent...

  • ID-e IDBASE Database.
SOFTWARE  Utah Software included in price
    $949.00 ID-e3000 - P Age Verification Scanner Desk Top, Utah Software included
      ID-e3000 - P * Holds 4000 records * Hi Impact *Resist-65 crystal case design. (3 yr warranty)* Free software for Reports on who was scanned. * Scan in the Dark, See the Age 20 Feet away in pitch dark. * Reads all...

  • Made in the U.S.A Posi-Pour 1/2 oz Package of one Dozen
    $66.00 Choose Options Made in the U.S.A Posi-Pour 1/2 oz Package of one Dozen
    measured Pour measure accurate portion no metering for quick pouringPortion control pre-set Pourer accurate and easy to use and clean

  • Over sized shrink Seals 200 count
    $39.45 Over sized shrink Seals 200 count
    Type a description for this product here...

  • Oversized Heat Srink Security Seals
    $54.00 $39.95 Oversized Heat Srink Security Seals
    Oversized heat shrink security seal for large mouth bottlesOversized Security seals for large mouth bottles Patron,1800 ect.

  • Security Tape For Clicker
    $39.95 Security Tape For Clicker
    Tamper resistant tape for clickerTamper resistant, loss prevention tape for on the bottle clickers this product will help prevent unauthorized removal of clicker from bottle.

  • Shot-Glance Inventory System
    $129.00 Shot-Glance Inventory System
    Shot-Glance Inventory System A Patented system of Gauges you place along side liquor bottles while doing inventorySystem of gauges placed alongside liquor and wine bottles while doing inventory. set of twelve gauges. Easy to...

    Real time Flow totalizer and transmitter, Will monitor up to 6 beer lines. Can measure ounces, quarts, meters or other measuring units.( flow meters not included ) Real time Flow totalizer and transmitter, Will...

  • Numbered Two part Security Tape, Loss prevention Product for use in securing pour spouts
    $129.00 Two Part Security Tape
    Two Part Tamper Resistant Numbered  Security Tape. For Ring pourers. Helps prevent unauthorized removal of spouts from liquor bottles

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