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Portion control products and replacement products

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  • Rebuilt Liq-Trol  Clicker Made in the U.S.A
    $32.45 Choose Options Rebuilt Liq-Trol Clicker Made in the U.S.A
    Rebuilt Liq-Trol Clicker W/Exchange only (We can also Rebuild the other Brand )Send us your broken Clickers ours or theirs and receive a made in the U.S.A LiqTrol Rebuilt with Product Warranty. REBUILT CLICKERS ARE SOLD...

  • Shot-Glance Inventory System
    $129.00 Choose Options Shot-Glance Inventory System
    Shot-Glance Inventory System A Patented system of Gauges you place along side liquor bottles while doing inventorySystem of gauges placed alongside liquor and wine bottles while doing inventory. set of twelve gauges. Easy to...

  • Standard Flow Straws ( bag of 10 )
    $29.50 Standard Flow Straws ( bag of 10 )
    Replacement straws for pour spouts

  • Volume Control Spacers
    $4.50 Choose Options Volume Control Spacers
    Volume Control Spacers For Liq-Trol Clickers (Bag of 5 )Product allows you adjust clicker volume ( pour size ) by 1/8 ounce

  • Whiskey Gates Dozen Ct.
    $18.95 $14.95 Choose Options Whiskey Gates Dozen Ct.
    Colored PourersColored Pourers with or without collar

  • Wine Saver
    $15.95 Choose Options Wine Saver
    On the bottle wine saverPours and preserves your fine wines. Includes one piece spout with air pump evacuator. Keeps wine fresh after uncorking.

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